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The Stag at Redhill

On my recent travels, I was directed to the Stag at Redhill, which describes itself as a” Historic Country Inn” located near Alcester, Warwickshire. The main attraction, as always, is good food and the ability to land a chopper there without charge. An added bonus is good weather and , dare I say, a few spectators (blushing slightly).

I’d been told that it scored highly on all counts and as I was, at the time, less than 15 minutes flight time away and with a requirement to be at Coventry airport a few hours later it would obviously have been rude, not to visit.! A quick phone call to them to ensure it was OK to land and a look on google earth to identify it was all I needed to do and with that out of the way I took off and headed over to Alcester. Read More→

Langar Hall Hotel

Langar Hall Hotel

Langar Hall Hotel

My pal Paul Trevor had to make a trip over to Nottingham and asked if I would go with. He’s an accomplished fixed wing pilot and has recently passed his PPL (H) and as well as wanting the company he just wants to make sure he’s doing everything right. He has little to be concerned about as he’s very competent.

He Googled the area for a suitable HLS but couldnt find any (except for Nottingham and Langar) so tried local hotels instead, luckily finding the Langar Hall Hotel. Situated in stunning gardens and parklands, Langar Hall has 12 individually designed and named bedrooms. All rooms have direct dial telephone, digital TV with free view, wifi for computers, desks for working, trays for tea and coffee and modern bathrooms. Read More→

Willington Hall in the snow

[slideshow id=10 w=”240″ h=”180″] It’s been ages (at least for me) since I’ve been in a chopper. My last excursion was in St Lucia in a squirrel and as it’s now three weeks later,  I’d started to forget what they looked like. Fortunately, Audrey had an R22 booked for yesterday and had invited me to go for a flight with her. Sorted!

Barton was covered in snow and very little was happening, in fact there have been very little movements there for a while, so I’m glad I don’t own an airfield. Two other pals of mine Colin and Gary were pre-flighting a Schweizer 300 and were also about to float off somewhere so it seemed sensible to meet up with them wherever they were going. The R22 however was not looking in great shape. It operates on a 12v system and it was struggling to deliver a pulse let alone start the engine. However thanks to Captain Cooper’s persistence he got her going and the flight was saved. Read More→

Stanley House, Mellor, Lancashire

IMG_0051Recently I visited Stanley House in Mellor, Blackburn. The occasion was actually a re-union for couples who had married there, and as my other half and I qualified, we were invited to attend. As I fly anywhere that is more than 3.5NM away, it was obvious that I would be commuting there at 1,500′ (O.K. it was more like 300’AGL, but I have to say 1,500′ in case the CAA are reading! 🙂 ). Read More→