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Flymap for iPad

My recent venture down to Helitech resulted in me purchasing a copy of Flymap for iPad which I will predominantly use for my fixed wing flying. A visit to the stand demonstrated both their hardware and software platforms and as I have previously owned their systems I knew the feature set pretty well. Flymap is now distributed by Pioneer Avionics on behalf of the German manufacturer. Flymap is one of those systems that actually utilises digitised versions of the familiar CAA charts and is very useful in that respect. I was disappointed to learn however that feature requests/feed back that I had provided over 3 years ago had still not been addresses particularly the use of a German keyboard layout (on their hard ware platform). Anyone supplying avionics systems must cater for the European/International market and as English is the international standard that surely must be a pre-requisite. I’m sorry (or am I) that this may appear Nationalistic but that’s the way it is. Why the Germans haven’t addressed this is beyond me because it surely isn’t that difficult? Read More→

The iPAD as a cockpit aid

I recently purchased the ‘rare as cheap aviation fuel’ iPad2 without any good reason for doing so. Not that this usually stops me from wasting my money on the latest must have gadget. Basically, I work on the ‘want to have’ rather than ‘need to have’ principal. The concept of justification simply doesn’t exist and I’ve long since gotten over buyers remorse so that doesn’t stop me either. And in any case, I couldn’t have written this post if I didn’t actually own one could I ? So I can now genuinely justify my latest acquisition.

I wasn’t quite certain what new features I was going to get with my shiny new iPad2 that would differentiate it from the way that I utilise my iPhone – but I bought one all the same. Those of you that are familiar with the iPad 1 know that the main differences are that it is marginally lighter, has two built in cameras and now uses a dual core processor. Other than that it’s pretty much identical to the first generation device. Read More→

iPhone Apps for the aviator

Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

Everyone has an iPhone. And if they don’t, they should have – especially if they’re a pilot. As a gadget freak and technology buff this device has to be one of the best inventions ever. It’s just fab. (I will admit to NOT using it as a phone – I’m a Nokia fan in that respect, so I do walk round with two devices, but you certainly don’t have to.)

The iPhone isn’t just a phone, in fact I would argue that’s it’s voice telecommunication capabilities are a secondary feature to it’s primary function of being a hand held information and data exchange terminal. In this respect I’m talking about the hundreds of thousands of “Apps” that are available for download onto the device covering every subject and topic from the sublime to the ridiculous. In this post I’m going to mention some of the aviation related one’s I use – in no particular order.

This isnt an exhaustive list but just a quick overview of some of the one’s that I use.

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Breitling Emergency

The Breitling Emergency is considered by some to be the ultimate aviator watch. The watch manufacturer is synonymous with the Aviation industry and many pilots wear (or would like to wear) one of their watches. I’ve had one for a while now but not the Emergency. Not until yesterday that is.

The Emergency has apparently saved over 60 lives since it’s introduction due to it’s inbuilt emergency¬† transmitter (hence the name) which emits a signal on the international 121.5 frequency once activated (see note below). I hope it never has to save my life. Well, actually I do! I guess what I really mean is that I hope I am never in the position that I have to activate it. Read More→