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A look back at 2009

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Well the New Year has dawned and with it the start of a new decade too. I hope that the future holds good things for you all. For me the prospect of 2010 probably involves bankruptcy (only kidding) as my passion for helicopters continues and drains my disposable income at twice the rate that I can earn it. I’ve always said the only way to have a helicopter and end up with a small fortune is to start with a large one in the first place. I can’t take it with me so I might as well have fun in the process.

Looking back on my helicopter aviating in 2009, the  JetBox clocked up nearly 350 hours of which I  flew about 200 myself. The rest was clocked up by other flying friends including, in particular, my pal Dave Harwood who studied hard and attained his CPL (H) with flying colors; well done Dave. In February I attained my night qualification extending the opportunities for me to fly for a full 24 hours in each day. I haven’t exercised the privileges too often but I intend to this year. I did manage one notable trip  along the coast at Blackpool to see the famous illuminations at night. I ended up being interviewed on a local radio station as a result. A big thanks to my very good friend and unbelievable instructor JJ for his tuition and his ability to turn me from being a totally shite pilot into just a crap one! Read More→

I need a CPL (H) and an AOC

pop_logo1.gifI’ve had a very busy week flying including trips to my office in Aylesbury and to visit a new business based at Cranfield called Helispan (more on that in a later post). However towards the end of the week I got a phone call from John P that owns CopterCovers. He’s one of the organisers of the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power.

Any chance you can give a few celebrities a lift from Knutsford into the Pageant on Sunday?

I don’t see why not….

Famous last words! I’ve spent the last few days organising helicopters, including mine, to ferry various footballers, their wives, Coronation Street actors and other similiar types in and out of a private landing site in Knutsford to the CPOP. Not an easy task especially when one of them is Katie Price and she needs collecting from, and returning to, Biggin Hill!!! Read More→

Flying Podcast

Flying Podcasts

Today I was interviewed by Steve Cooke who records podcasts associated with all types of aviation. I found Steve’s podcasts purely by chance (O.K. so I was geeking through the internet for flying stuff) and listened to a few of them. They make very interesting listening and I can well recommend them.

I dropped Steve a line and he asked me if I would be willing to participate. I rarely need a lot of encouragement to talk choppers so I agreed.

Check out my interview for Steve Cooke’s Flying Podcast series here.

Flightstore – A Pilots Emporium

Flightstore1Most of you will know that I’m an obsessive compulsive. To be honest it’s more obsessive impulsive which is why when I decide I want something I have to have it NOW. Logic doesn’t come into it which is why I often find myself popping over the Pennines to Flightstore in Huddersfield. They are one of the main suppliers of pilot paraphernalia and it will be no surprise to people that I’m well known over there.

The majority of their business is mail order and you will undobtedly have received one of their catalogues at some point. Their store is tucked away at the back of the main street in Mirfield and although quite small, it is stacked high with product.I love popping over and seeing what’s new (and they do to because I rarely leave empty handed).

Today I needed 3 more life jackets in preparation for my trip to the Isle of Man this weekend which they had put to one side for me. Whilst there I also bought two new helicopter reference books to add to my growing collection.I am always made to feel very welcome and, unsurprisingly, I’m on first name terms with them all. If you’re in the vicinity pop in and treat yourself. You won’t find friendlier staff anywhere and the selection of products is very extensive.