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HCGB Air Games – Practice


G-EWAW in the hover

In a little under two weeks, the Helicopter Club of Great Britain host their revised championship competition now known as the air games at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire. Some 16 – 20 crews will endeavour to outperform each other in a little competitive airman(and woman)ship. Although the precise rules have not yet been released, 3 of those crews threw together a practice session at Barton to try and get a head start on the days activities. Read More→

….and just a little bit more at night

I’ve probably flown my last trip at night for a while, mainly because the clocks are about to go forward and the nights will becoming generally shorter. I had the opportunity to get one more trip in last night with JJ riding shotgun for the majority, but not all, of the trip – and that would be the main differentiator.

So far the predominance of my trips have been with him sat beside me taking an instructional role but last night the plan was to collect him from his home in Shropshire, conduct some more training, and then return him home leaving me to fly the final leg from Shropshire back to Manchester on my own. I was quite giddy at the prospect as I enjoy flying at night. It’s an odd feeling particularly as you spend half the time thinking what would I do now if the engine failed (remember it’s often pitch black with very little, if any, illumination from the moon). The other half is training myself not to think that the engine might fail! Read More→

Blackpool illuminations at night!!

202055It’s been a short while since I flew at night so I arranged to do a trip with some pals and my other arf at night to include a trip up the Fylde coast to see the Blackpool illuminations.  Read More→

Mike does his JetBox rating

IMG_0163 copywritten by good friend and fellow aviator Mike Bathurst

Regular readers of Joel’s blog may be aware that I was one of the unfortunate (or perhaps fortunate) souls on board G-LADZ, our Enstrom 480, that was brought to an undignified unplanned landing south of London a few weeks ago with a main rotor gearbox failure. Anyone involved with helicopters (or indeed most forms of private aviation) will be aware that you can’t just pop down to Halfords for a ‘new bit’ and therefore it seemed I was likely to be on ground-only duty for quite some time whilst waiting for Enstrom to send us some new cogs that didn’t make the same hideous grinding noise when they spun around. I needed something to do. Read More→