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Paravion Heliporter

I’ve finally reached the end of the “Helimover Journey” and I think it’s fair to say it’s been a long and winding road. Along the way, I’ve bought two heli-decks, which are still being stored in my hangar  pending their sale. I’ve purchased an aircraft mover that I was reliably informed would work with the JetBox, but failed miserably, I’ve also had a quad bike delivered and returned in the same day and contacted a specialist material handling company who brought one of their machines to Barton only to be faced with the problem of how to connect it to the chopper.  Read More→

The Emperors new seats

I don’t know how long my seats have been in my machine, but they had definitely had a few bums sat on them, and although still in good condition, they were looking a little tired and so I decided to explore tidying them up a bit. I thought that the best thing to do would be to remove them all, which is easily done, and then take them home where I could give them a really good clean up. A trip to Halfords secured every type of cleaning solution known to man and I set about putting some elbow grease into the job.

This got me into huge trouble because I’ve never so much as lifted a finger to tidy anything in my house, but my recent efforts on the JetBox ensured that a duster and vacuum cleaner were thrust into my hands, so that I could practice my newly acquired skills in my domestic environment. Not good. Read More→

My OCD continues

Collective Lever

Collective Pitch Lever

Not content with repainting the battery compartment door and removing old dried up glue from the underneath of hidden areas of my seats I continued on my search for things to do. I fear that I’ve opened a can of worms and turned the JetBox into a labour of love. I’m having fun (mostly) so to hell with it and, in any case, I’m convinced that if I’m not adding value to the aircraft – I’m at least maintaining it, so, next on my radar was the co-pilot’s collective which had chipped paintwork. Read More→

Light at the end of the TTunnel ???

I’m not holding my breath, but Airwolf Aerospace, have recently launched their new TT straps which they claim have FAA and EASA approval. TT straps are the bain of my life, and most other Jet Ranger owners too, because they are timed to expire every 24 months regardless of how many hours they’ve flown (They also expire after 1200 hours). In the majority of cases, if not all, these items are perfectly serviceable still have to be exchanged.

The AA versions are slightly cheaper than the one’s supplied by Bell Textron but the really exciting part is that there is a slight possibility that their life will (quite correctly) be extended to 3 yrs. The part number for the earlier Jet Ranger (-21 M/R Head) is AA-206-011-154-105 and the individual List Price is $3,474.00, the Bell List price for the 206-011-154-105 is $4,128. A set of AA 206 Jet Ranger TT Straps can be purchased for $6,948.00 while the Bell price is $8,256. The part number for the latest Jet Rangers & a Long Ranger is AA-206-011-154-107 and the List Price is $3,774.00. The Bell List price for the 206-011-154-107 is $4,483.00 A set of AA 206 Long Ranger TT Straps can be purchased for $7,548.00, while the Bell price is $8,966. That is well over $1,000 USD saving on every pair of TT Straps, more on a Long Ranger.

Fingers crossed……..

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