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I’m back!!!

After a prolonged absence, for no other reason than I’ve been busy and because some weird stuff happened to the site (thanks to Guy and Dave at returnondigital for getting it back on line) i’ve returned and hope to return to my frequent blogging.

My aviating has remained consistent throughout my absence and I’m racking up hours each week as usual. I’ve recently returned from Las Vegas, where temperatures reached 48f, forcing me to take out a 44 on a trip around the place at 07:30 to remain within temperature limits. Read More→


Jet Ranger

Jet Ranger

Rumours are rife that Bell Textron will re-instate production of their iconic 206 after the success of the Robinson R66 recently launched by the Torrance based firm. Why Bell decided to terminate it in the first place is beyond me; but then again I don’t work for them and I can hardly claim to be an expert on the helicopter industry. O.K. so there was a recession on and orders probably slowed or even stopped but that’s still no reason to light the funeral pyre on what must be their flagship model. In doing so, they left their ‘entry level’ helicopter (can there be such a thing as an entry level helicopter?) pitched at their 407 machine. Or did it??? Production of the Long Ranger was never halted, but I’m certain that this might have followed as it didn’t seem overly sensible to have two single engine offerings. Read More→