About me

Capt JSTI suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (self diagnosed) and my helicopter flying is no different. I own a Computer Forensics business, CY4OR, in the UK and I use my machine predominantly for business to commute between my offices, visit clients etc.

I’m twice married , now to Andi, and have two beautiful teenage boys from my first marriage ,  Benji and Arron who live abroad with their mum in Israel. I visit them every month and speak/skype every day. We’re very close.

I also have three  step children Anthony, David and Aimee (all grown up) and our pride and joy dog, Teddy, a Yorkshire Terrier with more beans than Heinz! A recent addition to the family is Sadie, a gorgeous grand-daughter for me and my other half Andi.



I’ve always been fascinated by helicopters. I just loved their versatility and their unique ability to land and take off anywhere. Everyone looks at helicopters; they’re surrounded by mystique, they’re inherently cool and everyone just loves them.

All heli owners hear

“You must be rich, you have a helicopter”

to which I always reply

“err no, I’m  actually broke – because I own a helicopter”

I learned to fly a long time ago. A long, long time ago in 1986. I started with a fixed wing license and learned with Ravenair from Manchester International Airport (EGCC) when they still had general aviation on the south side. But I always wanted to fly choppers and a few years later moved on to the enstrom F28 under the superb guidance of Bill Bailey from Manchester Helicopter Centre who are based at Barton (EGCB). It was tough going, I was 21 and,  initially, found it quite hard to master . But I persevered and passed. Since then, my flying went in fits and starts in both disciplines with plenty of gaps along the way.

A few years back from now, I decided that I should either fly or give up permanently. I rarely quit anything, so I took the plunge and bought a 20% share in an Enstrom 480 turbine – G-LADZ  (more on that later) and flew the pants off it with some of the other owners who became good mates. From there I moved onto my own machine G-EWAW and I’ll tell the tale through this blog.

I am a PPL (A) with IMC Rating, night qualification and MEP rating and PPL (H) with night qualification , I live in Manchester, England and fly from City Airport Manchester (Barton) – EGCB