Helicopters v Software

Eurocopter AS 332 L2By now, you will all know that another Super Puma, this one operated by CHC, has ditched just west of Sumburgh near the Shetland Islands. This tragic accident claimed 4 lives of the 18 souls on board the aircraft. I’m sure everyone will join me in extending best wishes and condolences to the family and friends of those that perished.

This accident is tragic enough but the fact that the flight was apparently just 2 miles short of its destination makes the tragedy somewhat crueller, added to this is the consideration that the impact was probably not the cause of the terrible loss of life, but some other factor which I believe to be related to difficulties experienced in exiting the wreckage. It’s a horrific thought to contemplate that the passengers survived the crash but died trying to free themselves. Read More→

I’m back!!!

After a prolonged absence, for no other reason than I’ve been busy and because some weird stuff happened to the site (thanks to Guy and Dave at returnondigital for getting it back on line) i’ve returned and hope to return to my frequent blogging.

My aviating has remained consistent throughout my absence and I’m racking up hours each week as usual. I’ve recently returned from Las Vegas, where temperatures reached 48f, forcing me to take out a 44 on a trip around the place at 07:30 to remain within temperature limits. Read More→

City Heliport Manchester

Ever since my machine returned from its expensive 300hr maintenance last year I’ve kept it hangared at Barton. Unfortunately, the hangar I was in, is the former fixed wing maintenance hangar, which was at the time vacant. I’d been told that I could use it on a week by week basis, but that Barton were actively seeking a new maintenance company to re-occupy it, and provide engineering services to the fixed wing aircraft. Recently, and regrettably I was notified that a new maintainer had been found and that they would be looking to occupy the hangar. I was being evicted ! Read More→

HCGB Air Games 2012

Despite one of the worst weather forecasts this year the Helicopter Club of Great Britain’s Air Games was, again, a resounding success. The poor weather managed to hold off, for the majority of the weekend, but it did leave the competitors battling 30kt winds for most of the competition day. 16 crews managed to commute down to Sywell Aerodrome, Northampton despite the forecast. Although, regrettably, there were a few drop outs requiring the organisers to re-shuffle the running order. They also decided that the wind was too strong to continue with the Parallel Slalom event and instead changed this to a Fender Drop which allows the competitors to remain into wind (mostly) for the event. Read More→